Why Use Bluetooth

For tracking equipment in challenging, hard-working environments, Bluetooth technology is highly efficient, cost-effective, and secure. Its low energy requirements, portability, and fast and simple connectivity add to its overall efficiency. Being a wireless technology, less hardware is required for it to operate. Data can be shared safely and securely, hands-free.

In comparison to other wireless data delivery systems, Bluetooth leads in cost, security, and efficiency, and is profoundly unobtrusive on a job site. The up-front cost of passive and active Bluetooth tracking solutions is offset by the long lifecycle and re-usability of the components. Bluetooth can also take advantage of existing networking solutions, such as Wi-Fi systems.

The security strengths of Bluetooth systems are two-fold. First, Bluetooth tracking solutions can be programmed for specific project requirements, making them adaptable for a variety of challenging conditions. Second, Bluetooth tracking increases the security of your job site over less effective asset tracking solutions. You can optimize your operations, track equipment usage, and keep your machines secure by implementing a Bluetooth tracking solution.

All of OEM Data Delivery’s tracking products are compatible with all equipment brands, models and manufacture dates.

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