ST-575-HWI Wireless Hour Meter

3-in-1 Engine Hour Meter: Cumulative, Idling and Working

Introducing the ST-575-HWI from OEM Data Delivery, the only wireless hour meter that has cumulative, idling and working hours based on engine operation.

Data capture includes:

  • Asset/Equipment Identification
  • Cumulative Machine Hours (CMH)
  • Cumulative Working Hours (CWH)
  • Cumulative Idling Hours (CIH)

This rugged device can go on any make and model of equipment. With its sturdy wiring harness, it resides outside the electrical system and won’t affect the computer system of newer equipment.

The ST-575-HWI is equipped with a push button for calibration and asset identification within the various OEM DD fuel systems. It has a red LED for a visual indication of the wireless hour meter state: ignition off, idling or working.

The ST-575-HWI is a simple and powerful tracking device. Customers use the tool to:

  • Slash equipment hours collection time for revenue and productivity reports
  • Eliminate injuries due to climbing equipment to check the hour meter
  • Prevent wasteful data entry errors
  • Cut abusive and expensive engine idling practices
  • Ensure preventive maintenance services are performed on time


Environment Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Weather resistant- IP67
Casing Flame-retardant ABS
Power Consumption 0.26W typical
Input Voltage 9V to 32V
Connectivity 2.45 Ghz radio, 802.15.4 physical layer
Warranty Standard one-year warranty
Harness Power, ground, ignition, six digital inputs, six
digital outputs
Red LED For alarms display and communication
Buttons Push button for calibrating and identification
in the fueling process
Radio Frequency 2.45GHz
802.15.4 Compliant
100 yards (line of sight) transmission range
Regulatory FCC 15.247 and RSS-210
GPS Location Via GoPOD and/or MiniPOD
Installation Time Under 45 Minutes
Equipment Make, Model and Year Compatible with all
Data Format Extensible Markup Language (XML), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Comma-Separated Value (CSV), and others