ST-542Q Pump Tracker

With skyrocketing fuel costs, why not try to control your usage? Pump Tracker is a retrofit fuel monitoring system that tallies the fuel gallons dispensed. With GoPOD, you will have control and accountability on all off-road and on-road fuel transactions by collecting data such as fuel quantity dispensed, fuel type, truck or station identification, date and time, and jobsite location.


 Data Tracked  Fuel Dispensed
 User Interface  Push Button and LED
 Power Requirements  9 – 31 Volts DC
 Power Source  Host Equipment
 Battery Life  3+ Years with Typical Use
 Operating Temperature   -40 to +70 deg. C
 Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
 Flow Meter Input  .5″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″
 GoPOD Interface  Serial Cable
 Installation Time  Under 60 Minutes