Sensors and Harnesses

Lean on our engineers to solve your data and installation needs.

We design the input devices to provide our clients the controls and maintain a productive, safe, and cost-effective fleet. Our technology includes:

  • Amp Sensor
  • Zigbee radio – ensures our products won’t damage equipment batteries while also communicating far distances
  • Engine vibration sensor
  • Hall-effect sensors for fuel flow meters
  • Cycle count sensors
  • Proximity sensors on seat belts
  • Load sensor on axels with air-bag suspension
  • Sonar Trip Beam
  • PTO switches

Installation harnesses (STWH) – Rugged harnesses that ensure a standard and rapid installation by the most inexperienced mechanic.

  • Engine Vibration Sensor (EVS) – creates accurate engine idling and working logs
  • Rapid Installation – under 30 minutes
  • Closed loop system that doesn’t affect the on-board electronics
  • Easy troubleshooting


 Data Tracked  Asset ID, Hours, Fuel Location
 User Interface  LED on EVS
 Power Requirements  9 – 31 Volts DC
 Power Source  Host Equipment
 Operating Temperature   -40 to +70 deg. C
 Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
 Installation Time  Under 30 Minutes