Multi-Pump Tracker ST-603

For a more complete cost picture and control, the Multi-Pump Tracker allows management to precisely track every fluid, such as fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil, dispensed into each unit in the fleet. Configurations can be tailored to customer needs.


 Data Tracked  Fuel and Consumable Dispensed
 Number of Fluids  8 Total
 Combinations  1 Fuel, 7 Oils; 2 Fuel, 6 Oils; etc.
 User Interface  LED
 Power Requirements   9 – 31 Volts DC
 Power Source  Host Equipment
 Operating Temperature   -40 to +70 deg. C
 Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
 Flow Meter Input  .5″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″
 GoPOD Interface  Serial Cable
 Installation Time  Under 4 Hours

Multi-Pump Tracker Animation


Multi-Pump Introduction