Multiforce Fuel Management

Fuel and Consumable Tracking

Fleet managers receive fuel data reporting from FuelForce®, and customer service from FuelForce® service representatives.

We offer optimal fuel management solutions for off-highway equipment and on-road vehicle fleets through our distribution partner, Multiforce Systems corporation, and its FuelForce® automated fuel management systems. Through FuelForce®, fleet managers can utilized OEM Data Delivery’s top-of-the-line products to securely authorize and accurately track fueling transactions for all on-road and off-road vehicles and machines in their fleet.

Our fuel management solutions are ideal for fleets owned and operated by:
• federal, state and local governments
• utilities
• transit authorities
• aggregate and mining companies
• armed forces
• privately-owned construction companies
• food distribution and trucking companies
and more


Multi-Pump Tracker ST-603 – collects the data on fuel and consumables.


ST-542Q Pump Tracker – remote capture of equipment hours and location.


MiniPOD-Fuel – remote capture of equipment hours and location.

GoPOD Mobile

GoPOD Mobile – Wireless Automatic Data Capture When You Are Nearby Your Equipment.

GoPOD Station

GoPOD Station – Wireless Automatic data capture when your equipment is around you.