MiniPOD Telematic

MiniPOD Telematic is the most practical and effective business solution for large or small fleets because of its size, ruggedness and versatility.

Wireless hours and location at a fraction of the cost. Wireless engine work and idle logs.

The MiniPOD delivers data at a fraction of the cost of other cellular telematic devices through our proprietary data format and plans.

The Mobile Equipment Network Hub can capture hours from RFID hour meters, which drives down costs.


Data Tracked Asset ID, Hours, Fuel, Location
Additional Data Logs Work/Idle, Travel, Data
User Interface Push Button and LED
Power Requirements 9 – 31 Volts DC
Power Source Host Equipment
Operating Temperature -40 to +70 deg. C
Sealing IP65, Weather Resistant
Radio Distance 300 Feet – Line of Sight
Radio Frequency 2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
Regulatory FCC 15.247 and RSS-210
Installation Time Under 45 Minutes