GoPOD Station

Wireless Automatic data capture when your equipment is around you.

The GoPOD station is designed for the harsh environments of construction, mining and aggregate sites. It is built to withstand rain, dirt, wind, dust, and cold,unlike other fuel stations that need pleasant conditions. The GoPOD Station contains these peripherals:

  • Radio Primary Antenna (ST-511) – communicates with the Service Trackers and RFID units as via pass-by Capture.
  • Rugged data entry touch screen (ST-580) – displays the hours and fuel transactions. Enables manual entry for user pass code and equipment asset number.
  • Cellular or WiFi Connectivity – The cellular connection or Wi-Fiaccess point enables routine record upload to the Data Vault.

Fuel and Consumable data capture

  • Pump Tracker (ST542Q) – tallies the fuel being dispensed into a piece of equipment.
  • Multi-Pump Tracker (ST-603) – collects the data on fuel and consumable.
  • Secure  – Lock up the pumps with user pass codes and wireless equipment identification.

 Typical configurations include:

  • GSFS-15-CVB – GoPOD Station Fuel Secure 1.5” Flow Meter, Cellular, and Booster Antenna
  • GSC-CV – GoPod Station Cycle Count with Trip beam



 User Interface  Data Entry Screen and LEDs
 Power Requirements  120 Volts AC
 Operating Temperature   -40 to +65 deg. C
 Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
 Radio Distance   300 feet – Line of sight
 Radio Frequency  2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
 Regulatory  FCC 15.247 and RSS-210
 Installation Time  Under 4 Hours