OEM Data Delivery sharpens focus on off-highway equipment data, provides three-tier service for managing technology

OEM Data Delivery has announced development and deployment of a three-tier support service available to customers in off-highway markets.

OEM Data Delivery customers now have access to a supplemental trio of support service options for the data delivery and management systems outfitted to their equipment and vehicle fleets.


“We are refining our off-highway data management solutions by implementing a three-tier service,” said Sam Simons, President of OEM Data Delivery. “The first tier is a baseline service in which OEM Data Delivery analysts monitor data and communicate with on-site customers regularly. The second tier features routine visits from technicians, providing on-site system audits and training sessions. The third tier is an embedded service, in which an OEM Data Delivery representative will work as an on-site equipment data analyst.”

OEM Data Delivery serves construction, energy, mining, aggregate, air and seaport ground support, and other off-highway industries with technologies that track, capture and deliver actionable data for high-value equipment. OEM Data Delivery’s rugged, custom and wireless data delivery and management systems improve return on investment, optimize performance and provide equipment managers with essential information needed to make profitable decisions.

“OEM Data Delivery is now more focused on operations, utilization and safety data in off-highway markets, in addition to equipment data. Equipment managers have to be very efficient with time and resources. We are meeting their demand by expanding our services,” said Simons. “Equipment managers will now be able to customize the data delivery and management expertise they receive from OEM Data Delivery representatives.”

The company recently announced a partnership with Multiforce Systems Corporation, outsourcing all sales, marketing and support of its fuel management products. Through Multiforce Systems Corporation’s fuel management service, FuelForce, OEM Data Delivery’s fuel-tracking products will be more readily available to over-the-road vehicle fleets.

The partnership has allowed OEM Data Delivery to sharpen their focus on expanding services to equipment managers in off-highway industries.

OEM Data Delivery products and services are developed with three crucial tenets in mind: off-highway equipment expertise, customer feedback, and engineering creativity.

Among OEM Data Delivery’s newest product offerings is KeyPOD, providing real-time accurate data on equipment use, inspections and conditions. KeyPOD helps fleet managers and equipment owners control operator access to off-highway machinery and it improves compliance with safety inspections.

KeyPOD connects seamlessly with EQUIPCHAT and Mobile EQUIPCHAT software to provide reports for analysis and investigation. Together, these tools improve customers’ ability to track, capture and deliver vital equipment data, while slashing the time staff spends on messy paperwork.

Other OEM Data Delivery products include MiniPOD, capturing data on equipment, hours and location; Keypad, granting customers field data entry with cellular tracking capabilities for use with MiniPOD; and EQUIPCHAT, providing customized online software to track the data gathered, now also available via an EQUIPCHAT mobile app.

About OEM Data Delivery

OEM Data Delivery, a division of OEM Controls, Inc., is a technology, design and manufacturing company specializing in rugged, custom and wireless data delivery and management systems for the off-highway market. OEM Data Delivery implements solutions for companies that are frustrated with their remote equipment monitoring; fuel spoilage; lost tax rebates; or expensive, untrustworthy data. We substantially improve our customers’ ability to track, capture and deliver key equipment data, while slashing their staff’s time spent on paperwork. OEM Controls, Inc. has provided rugged, customized electronics to the off-highway and construction industry for over 40 years.