OEM Data Delivery to Attend International Airport GSE Expo 2016

Company will exhibit hour-capturing technology and unveil new product

OEM Data Delivery will attend the International Airport GSE Expo to be held Oct. 18-20 in Las Vegas, NV. The company will exhibit its hour-capturing technology, invaluable to ground support equipment managers considering the transition to electric power. In addition, OEM Data Delivery will unveil a new product designed to track and monitor non-powered ground support equipment assets.

OEM Data Delivery’s hour-capturing products, including Wireless Hour Meters (ST-576-M and ST-575-HWI) and MiniPOD, provide airline ground support managers with essential utilization data as they weigh a transition to electric-powered equipment.

“Airline ground support companies around the world are considering a transition to electric-powered equipment to protect the environment and cut operational costs. OEM Data Delivery’s automated technologies capture metered hours for motor vehicles in operation, providing indispensable information on their carbon footprints. Equipment managers receive the data needed to complete a thorough cost analysis,” said OEM Data Delivery President Sam Simons.

The company’s hour-capturing technologies also work with 12-24 volt, 48-80 volt and 80-120 volt batteries, making them ideal for fleet management once the transition to electric is complete.

OEM Data Delivery manufactures the only rugged, automated equipment hour tracker with a high voltage converter and sensor compatible with 120 volt batteries prevalent in the ground support equipment industry.

At the International Airport GSE Expo, OEM Data Delivery will introduce a new product, Attachment Tracker. The new tracking device will deliver utilization data and valuable asset GPS monitoring for non-powered ground support equipment, including dollies, air starts, ground power units, baggage carts, belt loaders, work access platforms, towable stairways, and more.

Attendees at the International Airport GSE Expo will find OEM Data Delivery at Booth 1004.

About OEM Data Delivery

OEM Data Delivery, a division of OEM Controls, Inc., is a technology, design and manufacturing company specializing in rugged, custom and wireless data delivery and management systems for the off-highway market. OEM Data Delivery implements solutions for companies that are frustrated with their remote equipment monitoring; fuel spoilage; lost tax rebates; or expensive, untrustworthy data. We substantially improve our customers’ ability to track, capture and deliver key equipment data, while slashing their staff’s time spent on paperwork. OEM Controls, Inc. has provided rugged, customized electronics to the off-highway and construction industry for over 40 years.