KeyPOD Gives Information and Access Control to Equipment Owners

keyPODSafety, Quality Control and Equipment Protection

Shelton, CT – OEM Data Delivery has launched KeyPOD, a comprehensive equipment tracking and management system. KeyPOD is designed to help fleet managers and equipment owners control access to off-highway machinery and improve compliance with safety inspections. KeyPOD provides real-time accurate data on equipment use, inspections and conditions.

KeyPOD was developed in response to customer concerns about unauthorized access to important equipment and inadequate inspections from the field. The device helps assure owners, fleet managers and safety departments that equipment is being accessed and operated by qualified operators. KeyPOD also improves management confidence that jobsite personnel have performed required inspections.

“KeyPOD is the critical new tool for any off-highway equipment owner, manager, or operator interested in improving machine up time, worker safety and asset protection. It combines several of our industry-leading technologies,” stated OEM Data Delivery President Sam Simons. KeyPOD works as a Mobile Network Hub (it has a MiniPOD for Drive-By Capture) to collect the hours and locations of equipment around it. The data is reported through EQUIPCHAT or Mobile EQUIPCHAT.

With KeyPOD, every operator is issued a passcode – often an employee ID number – which needs to be entered on the keypad to gain access to the equipment. If the code is recognized, the employee is granted access to the equipment. On the other hand, if the passcode is incorrect or if the employee is not authorized to operate that machine, KeyPOD keeps the equipment in lockout mode and prevents it from starting. Or, at the owners’ option, KeyPOD can display a red light to signal unauthorized use. A yellow light signals restricted-use, such as when a mechanic moves a machine. A green light shows for an authorized operator. In the “red light” mode, KeyPOD emails the appropriate person or department with an alert that an unauthorized individual is accessing the equipment. “When paired with the light, KeyPOD provides everyone on site with a visual reference to the status of the machine,” reported Simons.

If an inspection is required, KeyPOD indicates this need before fully authorizing “green light” control of the equipment. The operator uses the keypad to record any inspection non-conformance issues or problems. Depending on the results of the inspection, KeyPOD specifies if the operator has full, restricted-use or no access. KeyPOD captures the data and securely transmits a status report to EQUIPCHAT and/or Mobile EQUIPCHAT for management to review. If the inspection code indicates a major non-conformance problem or safety-related issue, KeyPOD also sends an email to the appropriate personnel.

Noting the versatility of KeyPOD in the field, Simons commented, “If a red light appears on a lattice boom crane, the safety or operations manager can check a report on his tablet using Mobile EQUIPCHAT to see if the crane needs a repair or if the assigned worker is appropriately authorized to operate that machine.”

KeyPOD provides clear, visual identification of equipment and operator status. KeyPOD’s real-time reporting allows fleet managers to prioritize, analyze and manage maintenance needs. With timely, accurate and complete reports, KeyPOD minimizes accidents and reduces liability concerns.

OEM Data Delivery was recently recognized by Construction Equipment magazine as having a Top 100 Product of 2015 for its ST-576-M engine meter. Other offerings include MiniPOD and MiniPOD Fuel, which let users track equipment, hours, location, and fuel spent. EQUIPCHAT provides customized online software to track the data gathered (a Mobile EQUIPCHAT app for tablets and cell phones was recently launched). Keypad allows customers field data entry with cellular tracking capabilities. Learn more about OEM Data Delivery’s other products.


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