Mining and Aggregate

Crushed with administration of fuel accounting and managing your fleet?

It’s well known in mining: Machinery is king. Keeping the haul roads clear, the trucks full, and the crushers fed is the name of the game. Unlike other construction environments, mining and aggregate facilities run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for long stretches, often times for years. Finding even a small improvement in production can generate big increases in revenue. Today’s mining and aggregate companies seek every edge they can find for improving utilization, reducing fuel expenditures and streamlining information.

We have several alternatives to capture:

  • Equipment hours and maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Jobsite activity
  • Performance tracking

You know where your equipment is and you have people around the equipment, so cellular is not the answer. Typical configurations:

If you have remote equipment, here are some configurations: