DD800 GoPOD Mobile

BT500 GoPOD Mobile

OEM Data Delivery’s DD800 Mobile GoPOD Fuel Tracking System is designed for fuel/lube trucks. You will now have individual fuel transactions for all of your equipment to include, equipment number, equipment hours, date, time, gallons/liters, type of fuel, GPS location of fueling transaction, fuel truck number, and the fuel truck operator.

The DD800 is also a simple wireless data capture device that automatically captures equipment hours, date, time, and location data when you are nearby your equipment that have OEMDD Tracker devices installed. The fuel system can be configured to prevent dispensing fluids until the required information about the fueling has been captured, (equipment number, hours, etc). In use at construction, mining, aggregate, utility, agriculture, and other job sites.

Other system components, example: rugged state of the art, color touch screen mounted on the outside of the fuel/lube truck for ergonomic user operation. The rugged GoPOD computer has electronics that automatically starts up, and shuts the system down properly to save the vehicle’s battery.

The DD800 GoPOD Mobile Fuel Tracking Controller
can be easily installed in the cab of fuel/lube truck utilizing the fuel/lube trucks power.

Install in the cab of the fuel truck.

Model No. DD800 GoPOD Mobile
Data Captured BT Trackers & BT Tags
Vehicle Application Fuel & Lube Tracking
User Interface Color Data Entry Screen
Power Requirements 9 to 15 VDC
Operating Temperature -40° to +65° C
Sealing IP65, Weather Resistant
Radio Distance 100 Yards – line of sight
Radio Frequency 2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
Server Communication WiFi/Cellular Modem
Installation Time Under 4 hours
Dimensions 7″ x 11″ x 18″
Rugged Off-Highway Data Devices
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