IoT management can get complicated. OEMDD’s technology and products makes it simpler. Capture methods include:

  • Collecting data
  • Converting data to digital format
  • Sending data to the internet cloud
  • Aggregating data

IoT in its most basic form is simply physical sensors or devices collecting & sending data back to the internet cloud so that a decision can be made by a person or computer system. In some cases it may be another physical device making the decision. The data from the sensors starts in analog form. That data needs to be aggregated and converted into digital format for further processing.

OEMDD has partnered with industry leaders to offer leading edge data capture hardware and integration services. Our collection of rugged indoor and outdoor devices offer the option to either stream or save data locally or remotely. Whether you demand at-the-edge processing power or generous storage capabilities we have a solution to meet your needs.