BT54af Bluetooth® Tracker

OEM Data Delivery’s (Bluetooth) Tracker uses sensing technology to digitalize the air filter indicator. Receive current air filter health data to help keep your engine protected. The BT54af also detects a dirty or clogged air filter, a missing air filter or leaks in your air filter intake system.

Save time and money on unnecessary air filter maintenance. Let your equipment notify you when it is necessary to change your air filter and protect your investment using smart technology to monitor your air filters health in real time.

The BT54af (air filter) Tracker
can be easily fastened to any piece of equipment.

Easily mounts in-line so you can retain your factory analog air filter sensor. Quick and easy installation.

Model No. BT54  (air filter) Tracker
Data Tracked Air Filter Status
Power Requirements 9-32 VDC
Battery Host Machine Battery
Battery Life N/A (no battery change needed)
Operating Temperature -40° to +70° C
Sealing IP67
Bluetooth® Distance 100 Yards – line of sight
Bluetooth® Version 4.2
Regulatory FCC/DD-1494
Installation Time Under 15 minutes
Dimensions 2.28” x 2.52” x 1.38”
Rugged Bluetooth® Data Devices
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