BT52rs Bluetooth® Tracker

BT52rs Bluetooth Tracker

OEM Data Delivery’s BT (Bluetooth®) Tracker is a simple device that can go on any and all equipment, attachments and tools to collect crucial utilization and location data on fuel-powered engines, electric-powered motors, and even non-powered equipment.

At any work site, the BT Tracker is ideal for counting the number of times that any door opens and closes. It captures and gathers data from tractor trailers, garage/bay doors, loading dock overhead doors, container doors and many more.

The BT52rs (reed switch) Tracker
can be easily fastened to any piece of equipment.

Mount BT tracker and magnet at desired location for readings.

Model No. BT52rs Tracker
Data Captured Asset ID, Battery, Open/Close Counts
Power Requirements Internal Replaceable Battery
Battery Extended Temperature Lithium
Battery Life 3+ years with typical use
Operating Temperature -40° to +70° C
Sealing IP67
Bluetooth® Distance 100 Yards – line of sight
Bluetooth® Frequency 2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
Regulatory FCC/DD-1494
Installation Time Under 10 minutes
Dimensions 2.28” x 2.52” x 1.38”
Rugged Bluetooth® Data Devices
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