GoPOD Mobile

Wireless Automatic Data Capture When You Are Nearby Your Equipment.

The GoPOD mobile version is designed to go into the cab of fuel trucks, lube trucks, mechanic’s trucks, supervisory vehicles, and delivery trucks. The rugged computer has electronics that shut it down properly to save the vehicle’s battery and the computer itself. The peripherals attached to capture the data include:

  • Radio Primary Antenna (ST-511) – communicates with the service trackers and RFID units.
  • Rugged Data Entry Touch Screen (ST-580) – displays hours and fuel transactions. Enables manual entry of user pass code and equipment asset number.
  • GPS Antenna (ST-560) – identifies where the equipment is during the drive by.  It stamps the latitude and longitude in every hours and fuel record created.
  • Cellular or Wifi Connectivity – The cellular or Wi-Fi wireless access point enables routine uploads of records to the JI Data Vault.

Fuel and Consumable Data Capture

  • Pump Tracker (ST542Q) – tallies the fuel being dispensed into a piece of equipment.
  • Multi-Pump Tracker (ST-603) – collects the data on fuel and consumables.
  • Secure – Lock up the pumps with user pass codes and wireless equipment identification.

Typical Configurations Include:

  • GMF-15-CVB – GoPOD Mobile Fuel with 1.5” Flow Meter, Cellular and Booster Antenna
  • GMFS-15-CVB – GoPOD Mobile Fuel, Secure with 1.5” Flow Meter, Cellular, and Booster Antenna
  • GMH-CV – GoPod Mobile Hours Only Cellular
  • GMD-CV  – GoPod Mobile Delivery with Cellular


 Vehicle Application  Fuel, Lube, Delivery, Supervisor
 User Interface  Data Entry Screen and LEDs
 Power Requirements  9 – 31 Volts DC
 Power Source  Host Vehicle
 Operating Temperature   -40 to +65 deg. C
 Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
 Radio Distance   300 Feet – Line of sight
 Radio Frequency  2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
 GoPOD Interface  Serial Cable
 Installation Time  Under 4 Hours