OEM Data Delivery: Rugged, custom and wireless data delivery and management systems for the off-highway industry.

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Facilitate and Track Fueling

+-*Discerning off-highway fleet managers understand the need to monitor fuel consumption effectively. That’s why OEM Data Delivery has integrated FuelForce Controller capabilities into the ST-570 RFID Cube, ST-575-HWI and ST-576-M Service Trackers. “We believe this enhanced capability is ideal for fleet operations with fuel trucks and multiple fill stations,” said Sam Simons, president of OEM

CEMEX Symposium

+-*We will be in Las Vegas next week at the CEMEX symposium to demonstrate the money-saving advantages of our MiniPOD Fuel Systems/FuelPOD. Even with the low fuel prices of the moment, we know how important it is to reliably and consistently track fuel use and spending. Budgeting and maintaining the best profitability requires accurate information.

Product Development the OEM Way

+-*OEM Data Delivery started ten years ago when President Sam Simons heard parent company OEM Controls’ customers’ repeated complaints about how hard it was to track hours and equipment data. Customers also stressed how important timely, accurate equipment use information was in allowing them to operate most efficiently and safely. “They used words like ‘unreliable’,


AEMP 34th Management Conference & Annual Meeting

March 15-18, Houston, TX

Mine Expo 2016

Sept 26-28, Las Vegas

ConExpo 2017

March 7-11, Las Vegas

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